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Aura AI transforms your words into unparalleled artistic creations

Basic Prompt

Two puppy dogs sitting on the couch

Intermediate Prompt

Two puppy dogs are sitting on a red velvet couch in a sunlit living room, one puppy is white with a red collar, the other is black with a blue collar

Advanced Prompt

Two puppy dogs, one a speckled black-and-white mix with a vibrant blue collar and the other a fluffy white Samoyed with a shining red collar, lounging on a red velvet couch, set against a vintage wallpapered Victorian-style backdrop in a living room

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Your creativity is the only limit. Unleash the potential of Aura AI.


Transform your ideas into reality with the power of artificial intelligence


Prepare and share your sketches in mere seconds


Craft your slides without searching for images online; freely use the ones you create

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Pricing Details

Our app operates on a token-based system.

Rewarded Ads (+8 tokens)

Earn tokens by simply watching an ad - a hassle-free way to gain more access.

Pay-As-You-Go (+80 tokens)

No subscriptions required. Our non-binding purchase option lets you buy tokens whenever you need them, offering flexibility and peace of mind.

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